Corbett & Co are pleased to have been ranked again within The Legal 500 UK and Chambers and Partners UK.

In particular, Edward Corbett is described as “a top professional in the field of construction law, as well as an excellent manager and strategist when it comes to dispute resolution.” Dominic Helps is noted as having “a brilliant mind”.

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FIDIC 2017 - A Practical Legal Guide

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International Construction Contract Law (2nd edition) 

Lukas Klee has recently launched the 2nd edition of “International Construction Contract Law”.  It is an excellent practical guide aimed at helping people to find solutions, avoid disputes and cooperate better.  Victoria Tyson was delighted to contribute a short vignette on Employer’s notices under the FIDIC forms of contract.

FIDIC 1999 Upgrade Launched

Corbett & Co has published its selection of the best bits of the FIDIC 2017 2nd Editions adapted for use with the 1999 forms. With many people put off by the 50,000+ words of the new editions, the FIDIC 1999 Upgrade will permit users to benefit from FIDIC’s new ideas and improvements. The FIDIC 1999 Upgrade contains suggested amendments which can be adopted in Particular Conditions. Click Here.

FIDIC 2017 Red, Yellow and Silver Books launched

FIDIC launched the 2nd Editions of its international conditions at the London Users Conference on 5th December 2017.

Edward Corbett’s first impressions of the new forms can be read and downloaded from our Knowledge Hub or please Click Here.

To read or download Corbett & Co commentaries on the main changes to the Yellow Book clauses please go to our Knowledge Hub or Click Here

Further articles may be found in the Knowledge Hub.


FIDIC Case Law Table

Our team at Corbett & Co has compiled a list of FIDIC-related court judgements and arbitral awards. In addition to our case summaries, which we are adding to with each update, the FIDIC Case Law Table includes links to the judgments and awards, the year, jurisdiction and the list of clauses each case considers. We hope our list is comprehensive but if you are aware of any other judgments or awards that should feature in the table, please let us know by sending an email to

FIDIC 1999 Commentaries

Following the publication of the Corbett & Co FIDIC case law table we are now releasing a commentary on the FIDIC 1999 Red Book. Fourteen clauses are already uploaded and we are hoping to add a new clause every month. Click here to view available commentaries.

Forthcoming Cornerstone FIDIC Seminars

Corbett & Co is proud to work with Cornerstone Seminars who run highly respected FIDIC Contracts and FIDIC Claims events around the world, featuring leading FIDIC experts.

Full details of forthcoming seminars will be available soon.

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Cornerstone FIDIC Group on LinkedIn

The Cornerstone FIDIC Group on LinkedIn has over 3,500 members who use it as a useful forum to share information and raise queries regarding the standard forms of contract. To keep up with discussion on interesting topics within FIDIC please join the Cornerstone FIDIC Group on LinkedIn.  To view the group and join please click here

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