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1. FIDIC 1999 Upgrade Launched

Written by Corbett Lawyers | 17/07/2018

Corbett & Co has published its selection of the best bits of the FIDIC 2017 2nd Editions adapted for use with the 1999 forms. With many people put off by the 50,000+ words of the new editions, the FIDIC 1999 Upgrade will permit users to benefit from FIDIC’s new ideas and improvements. ..

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2. FIDIC 2017 - Corbett & Co's Guide to the Main Changes

Written by Corbett Lawyers | 23/01/2018

In December 2017, FIDIC launched its long-awaited 2nd Editions of the Red, Yellow and Silver Books. In these articles, the FIDIC specialists at Corbett & Co identify and comment on the main changes in the new Yellow Book.....New vocabulary that users will have to learn include definitions of Notice, Claim and Dispute as well as Notice of No-objection and Review......

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3. FIDIC 2017 – First Impressions of the 3-Kilo Suite

Written by Edward Corbett | 13/12/2017

In London last week, FIDIC launched its Second Editions of the Red, Yellow and Silver Books. They are big, weighing in at almost a kilo each. The general conditions cover 106 pages with more than 50,000 words, over 50% longer than the 1999 forms. Many improvements have been made, addressing issues that have emerged since 1999. Fans of Dispute Boards will be pleased to see that all three books now have standing boards with more emphasis on dispute avoidance; and that appointment of DB members and enforcement of their decisions have been made easier. Disputes and Arbitration are now dealt with in a separate chapter 21. Here are the most interesting changes to the Yellow Book...

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4. FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 19

Written by Andrew Tweeddale | 28/09/2017

Click through to read Corbett & Co's helpful commentary on FIDIC 1999 book Clause 19..

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5. All Damage Is In A Sense Consequential – So What In Law Are Consequential Losses?

Written by Andrew Tweeddale | 03/08/2017

Sub-Clause 17.6 of FIDIC’s Red, Yellow and Silver Book is an exemption clause and provides in the opening paragraph that: “Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for loss of use of any Works, loss of profit, loss of any contract or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage which may be suffered by the other Party in connection with the Contract…” The phrase ‘indirect or consequential loss or damage’ has been examined by the English courts on numerous occasions. Historically the words ‘consequential loss’ were held to be synonymous with ‘indirect loss’. However, a recent case questions whether this will be correct in all cases. ..

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6. Mistake In English Law: Two Recent Cases

Written by Joanne Clarke | 03/08/2017

English law recognises different types of mistake and permits various equitable remedies in case of mistake, as illustrated by the two English court decisions examined in this article...

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7. Pink Or Blue – How Strict Are The Notice Requirements?

Written by Sara Ehsani | 03/08/2017

It is fair to say that a great number of disputes address the issue of notices ranging from notices for extension of time, to termination notices and notices of dissatisfaction. One of the crucial issues that is often in dispute is the compliance with the requirements set forth by the contract and hence the validity of a notice...

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8. Penalty Clauses Down Under

Written by Victoria Tyson | 03/08/2017

Whilst it is widely understood that the law on liquidated damages differs considerably between common law and civil law jurisdictions, there are also differences within common law jurisdictions which are sometimes overlooked. This article summarises the recent developments to the law on penalties in England and Wales, as reported by Steve Mangan in May 2016[1], and compares them with the developments to the law on penalties in Australia...

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9. FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 15

Written by Andrew Tweeddale | 10/05/2017

Click through to read Corbett & Co's helpful commentary on FIDIC 1999 book Clause 15 ..

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